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We are a no-nonsense change agency here to support your transformational journey.

To thrive in our modern world, you as a leader need to think and act differently. We are here to help you cut through the noise and make your change journey a success story. As your partner we bring a holistic, cross-functional and digitally-powered approach tailored to your specific context. We support you all the way from strategy to results, combining deep expertise and experience so you can reach true sustainable transformation.

Less talk, more transformation.

Our services

Transformation Partner

With our expertise, experience, and way of working, we support your acceleration- and change journey towards successful execution as a strategic advisor.

If the need for capabilities or capacity is more intense, we can take the acceleration lead and take a more active role in driving acceleration and change side-by-side with your team.

When you need a short term kick-start we can bring new energy and new perspectives to you and your management team. We support you by facilitating all the workshops you need along the journey to acceleration and change.

Kick-start for new energy and perspectives

Mapping for success

When you or your management team struggle with the way forward or just need external support, we guide you in the process to identify the success factors, strategic objectives, indicators for success and how to execute.

Our way of working


We have an impact-driven approach

We bring a holistic perspective with a cross-functional team

We add an external perspective

We make change happen with our depth of experience

We build capabilities and work ourselves out of a job

We work with you not just for you

About us

A changing world requires ongoing adjustment and an organisation geard for acceleration. To enable successful executions for companies by translating strategy into results, we believe there are five important areas that need to be considered:

People first

Forget about top-down, one-off, and change programs. Changes must be seen as the new normal. Innovation and experiment is everyday business and everyone has to contribute. Uncomfortable? Yes.

Experience as the new brand

Strong brand gets the whole customer experience right. For us, it’s about gathering people around a shared purpose and delivering on that in all customer touchpoints.

We believe in

Conversation as the foundation

Great customer experiences acquire conversation and connection with the customer. Consumer discussion is happening 24/7 and we need to make sure that our decisions is based on insights rather than instinct.

The iterative and cross-functional way

When customer experience is your business, you need to understand their journey and test new ideas and solutions with your customers. Goodbye waterfall, silos, and command/control, hello iterative way of working, cross-functional cooperation, and autonomous teams!


Strategic objectives are often poorly understood, and they often seem unrelated to one another and disconnected from the overall strategy. It’s important to have a cinsistent and appealing story related to why and for whom the company exist and connect your initiatives and objectives to the story.


Heroes believe in growing together. We are explorers and nerds within our fields and love to share our knowledge. Our team combines leadership and organisational skills, IT and digital skills with brand and communication skills to unlock transformative and durable change.

Managing Director and Change Strategist


Anette is a strategic business executor with a leadership and commercial perspective. Her focus is always on the ability of business to align and change according to market changes. She regards vision, attraction and facts as essential components for change-execution. Today she helps companies and organisations to act upon the opportunities of the digital era

+46 70 629 25 33

Anette Wagler

Change Strategist

Anna is change strategist with more than 18 years experience in bringing strategies into daily business. With a mindset, that there is “always a better way” combined with her skills of business, processes and organisation she aligns and develops businesses.

+46 70 123 45 67

Anna Tham

Brand and Change Strategist


Åsa is a brand and change strategist with more than 18 years experience from developing brand building strategies and strategic communication. She is passionate about finding the customer experience that drives and evolves the business and how to get there.

+46 70 123 45 67

Åsa Sannerström

Innovation and Business Design Strategist

Stefan is a goal-driven professional specializing in project management and innovation. He has 25 years of experience in leading innovative projects and leveraging skills like design thinking, agile methods, and CRM tools. Stefan as deep insights into digital marketing and sales strategies.

+46 70 635 65 91

Stefan Aaröe

Board Member​

Jeanna has 15 years of leadership experience in the digital world with a great understanding of what it takes to develop a successful business in the digital age. Jeanna’s areas of expertise is within business development and strategy, communication and leadership.

+46 70 123 45 67

Jeanna Rutherhill

Heroes of Brand and Business Innovation

Munkbrogatan 2

111 27 Stockholm

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