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A changing world requires ongoing adjustment and an organisation geard for acceleration. To enable successful executions for companies by translating strategy into results, we believe there are five important areas that need to be considered:

People first

Forget about top-down, one-off, and change programs. Changes must be seen as the new normal. Innovation and experiment is everyday business and everyone has to contribute. Uncomfortable? Yes.

Experience as the new brand

Strong brand gets the whole customer experience right. For us, it’s about gathering people around a shared purpose and delivering on that in all customer touchpoints.

Conversation as the foundation

Great customer experiences acquire conversation and connection with the customer. Consumer discussion is happening 24/7 and we need to make sure that our decisions is based on insights rather than instinct.

The iterative and cross-functional way

When customer experience is your business, you need to understand their journey and test new ideas and solutions with your customers. Goodbye waterfall, silos, and command/control, hello iterative way of working, cross-functional cooperation, and autonomous teams!


Strategic objectives are often poorly understood, and they often seem unrelated to one another and disconnected from the overall strategy. It’s important to have a cinsistent and appealing story related to why and for whom the company exist and connect your initiatives and objectives to the story.

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