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Idea Nation
Heroes is all about helping people and businesses to grow, and who else would be a perfect partner if not Idea Nation? Founded in 2013, Idea Nation's mission is to make it simple for anybody, people in general and companies, to reach out to whoever they want and ask for their ideas to help solve their challenges.

Their team is a mix of technology, creativity, entrepreneurship and stubbornness.

"We believe that if we get better ideas spinning around in the world it's a huge benefit to all of us."

The origo programme
If we want to make all data useful, respecting the individual’s integrity and giving him or her control of the data, we need to take a new holistic approach to the creation of a sustainable solution.

The Origo programme is developing an infrastructure as a semantic layer on the Internet, in which knowledge itself will be digitalized, replacing the present system of simply digitizing e.g. documents, images or database entries without reference to the knowledge they represent.

The origo programme is the key to sharing data – on your terms.