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At Heroes we believe in growing together. We apply this not only within our own ranks but also with partners and clients. We’re explorers and nerds within our fields and love to share our knowledge.

Anette Wagler
Managing Director and Change Strategist
+46 70 629 25 33
Anette is a strategic business executionist with a leadership and commercial perspective. Her focus is always on the ability of business to align and change according to market changes. She regards vision, attraction and facts as essential components for change-execution.
Anna Tham
Change Strategist
+46 70 433 86 77
Anna is change strategist with more than 18 years experience in bringing strategies into daily business. With a mindset, that there is “always a better way” combined with her skills of business, processes and organisation she aligns and develops businesses.
Åsa Sannerström
Brand & Change Strategist
+46 70 635 65 54
Åsa is a brand and change strategist with more than 18 years experience from developing brand building strategies and strategic communication. She is passionate about finding the customer experience that drives and evolves the business and how to get there.
Ulrika Schreil
Digital Strategist
+46 70 209 33 03
Ulrika is a senior strategist and advisor with a passion for digital business development, creativity and communication. She delivers innovative strategic solutions, always with the customer experience in focus. Ulrika is passionate about innovation and what technology can do for humanity.
Susanne Gyllhamn
IT & Change Strategist
+46 76 015 17 20
Susanne is an experienced visionary leader with focus on making people and organisations resilient to the ever changing business and customer demands in the digital era. She has a background in business architecture paired with strategic IT management assignments from a range of industries. Simplicity and sustainability are words that resonate with her.
Jeanna Rutherhill
Board Member
Jeanna has 15 years of leadership experience in the digital world with a great understanding of what it takes to develop a successful business in the digital age. Jeanna’s areas of expertise is within business development and strategy, communication and leadership.
Stefan Dahlgren
Board Member
Stefan har more than 25 years experience from managing Swedish and international IT & telecom companies. Stefan’s focus is always on expanding businesses, changing and developing organisations to be even more successful.
Thomas Björk
Board Member
Thomas is an educator and an information addict. Internet and podcasts are his go-to-source for getting his curiosity fulfilled. Topics of interest are business, technology and psychology, preferably combined. Thomas has been part of of Hyper Island since 2009 in different roles, a few examples are:
Delivering a number of Digital Acceleration, Social Media Marketing and Creative Data Lab courses as well as Program Manager for Digital Data Strategist program
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